St. John School Cross Country Finishes Another Excellent Season.

Dec 5 2018

Our season was excellent! More runners came out this year than they have in recent years, and it was a pleasure to have a larger group. It was even more of a pleasure to see the runners be so kind to one another. They showed amazing friendship, camaraderie, and strength as a group. They supported one another, especially during tough practices and tough races. They ran through the rain, which impressed the parents and Mrs. Graham, our coach and seasoned marathon runner!  

We would like to thank all of the parents for their support and involvement throughout the season. Parents prepared snacks, drove groups of runners to races, and even walked the courses with us. It was so fun to see everyone at the meets, especially the Panther Fest. We all bonded on that Friday afternoon, chatting and eating snacks outside in the cool breeze. We bonded at the other meets, as well. The first annual invitational with Sacred Heart of Groton at Bluff Point was wonderful, as was the St. Bernard's Catholic School Invitational. 

Thank you again to the parents, the runners, and our incredible coach, Mrs. Graham!

Cross Country 2018