Essex Winter Series Shares a "Gift of Music", Concert #4 in their Virtual Concert Performance for SJS Community

Apr 25 2021
For the past several years, the Essex Winter Series has presented a program at St. John School for our students in March.  Last year, we were fortunate to have them visit us to perform just prior to the COVID shutdown.  This year they will provide us with the links to their virtual performances, "A Gift of Music"( the virtual concerts will be provided over the Winter and we will post each concert as it becomes available).
  • Gift of Music Concert 4


    Quodlibet Ensemble

    Katie Hyun, violin

    Laura Lutzke, violin

    Ayane Kozasa, viola

    Kyle Miller, viola

    Gabriel Cabezas, cello

    Paul Wiancko, cello 






    String Sextet in D Minor, Op.70, "Souvenir de Florence"   

     I. Allegro con spirito

    II. Adagio cantabile e con motto

    III. Allegretto moderato

    IV. Allegro con brio e vivacePlease enjoy it with your family.