Congratulations to the participants in the "Confident Junior Communicators" Public Speaking Program

Nov 22 2021

Congratulations to the SJS students who participated in the recent “Confident Junior Communicators” (CJC) program offered this Fall as an after-school program for St. John School students in Grades 6-8. St. John School was once again honored to work with the public speaking program, Roquita Johnson Public Speaking. As many know, St. John School prides itself in promoting public speaking to our students.  The school values the lifelong skill that benefits students at every life stage. From a very young age in PreK, public speaking is naturally part of the curriculum, as students participate in first Friday Masses, along with events such as the Veterans’ Day program, Lessons & Carols and the Woodmen’s of America speech contest to name a few.

The CJC was a six week course, with one class per week where students learned about the 3 Vs of Public speaking – the Vocal, Visual and Verbal. Topic included under the 3Vs included helpful and hurtful body language, visual aids, verbal “distractions”, how to bring your speech to life with words, using your voice to engage the audience and crafting a speech using the fundamentals of speech structure. The program’s ultimate goal was to empower youth to handle her/himself with more confidence in any speaking environment.

Students delivered a short speech on a topic self-chosen at the last session and did not disappoint. They also participated, as active listeners and observers, providing valuable feedback to their peers on the fundamentals learned. Experienced advice and feedback was provided by Ms. Johnson, as well as video feedback. All students were awarded with completion certificates, and awards were announced for speech content and use of effective props or visual aids. St. John School hopes to offer this program again in the Spring. Congratulations to all who completed the program!

Public Speaking 2021