Eighth Grade- Mrs. Konieczny

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Religion Grade 8

Students study the history of the Church and morality.

English Grades 6, 7, 8

We will be learning about the following writing genres:


  • Autobiographical Writing - Students share an eventful story about their lives.
  • Short Story - The students write a minimum of a 6 to 8 page short story.
  • Description - For this assignment students describe a memorable person, place or thing.
  • Persuasion - Students write an essay to make a change for the better. It can be a way to persuade others to make a change too.


  • Compare and Contrast - We compare and contrast current news topics.
  • Cause and Effect Essay - Students choose a topic such as global warming and discuss   the causes and effects.
  • How to Essay - Students write an essay explaining how to do something. They then use   their public speaking skils to demonstrate their project. 


  • Research Report - Students do a multidisciplinary research report on a topic of their         choice about an animal, plant or an ecosystem. 
  • Responding to Literature
  • Writing for Assessment

We will be using the Writing Process with every writing project.

We will cover the following areas in Grammar: Nouns and Pronouns,Verbs, Adjectives and Adverbs, Prepositions, Conjunctions and Interjections, Basic Sentence Parts, Phrases and Clauses.

  • Effective Sentences (sentence diagramming) Punctuation Capitalization

Literature Grades 7 & 8

We will cover the following genres:

  • Short Stories
  • Nonfiction
  • Drama
  • Poetry
  • Folk Literature

In addition to covering the material in the book, we will be reading three outside reading novels. The novels vary from year to year, but each novel is analyzed, discussed, and lessons learned are applied to everyday life.