Honor Roll - Grades 5-8

As per the School Handbook, the guidelines for the Honor Roll listing are as follows:

  • Students who achieve all A's and one B earn HIGH HONORS. 
  • Students who achieve all A's and B's earn HONORS. 
  • Honor Roll students may not have anything below an S in any Specials. 
  • Honor Roll students in Grades 6-8 may not receive a grade lower than a C in Foreign Language. 
  • Inappropriate behavior and lack of respect can prevent students from being placed on the Honor Roll. 
  • Excessive absenteeism and tardiness, as determined by the principal, may prevent a student from being on the Honor Roll.

Honor Roll Trimester Listings 2020/21:

Third Trimester 2021 * NEW

Second Trimester 2021

First Trimester 2020 


Honor Roll Trimester Listings 2019/20:

First Trimester 2019

Second Trimester 2020 

Third Trimester 2020 


Honor Roll Trimester Listings 2018/19:

First Trimester 2018

Second Trimester 2019

Third Trimester 2019


Honor Roll Trimester Listings 2017/18:

First Trimester 2017

Second Trimester 2018

Third Trimester 2018


Honor Roll Trimester Listings 2016/17:

First Trimester 2016

Second Trimester 2017

Third Trimester 2017