Lunch Duty

Thank you for your interest in helping with lunch and recess duty.  It’s a great way to see the children during the day!  We appreciate all volunteers to help out at lunch and to help make our children safe at recess.

Getting Started

All volunteers will need to be certified through the Safe Environment program prior to sign up for Lunch or Recess duty.  

Sign Up

Click here to sign up for Lunch Duty.

Lunch Duty Requirements

Arrive at 11:30am regular days, just after gym finishes. (Arrive at 10:45am on early dismissal days.) Sign in at office to get a visitor name tag.

Setup:  Prior to students' arrival in cafeteria, bring first 6 tables down. Get cart from kitchen and place cart and 2 garbage cans in center of room close to tables. There are 3 waves of lunches. During lunch, offer assistance to younger ones. After each lunch wave:  wipe tables and benches down, clean up around tables. After 3rd wave:  wipe tables and benches, put tables up, sweep, put garbage back in corner and return cart to kitchen.

Lunch duty is over around 1:15pm on regular days (12:30pm on early dismissal days). Remember to enter hours in the office log on the way out!

Lunch Regular Days:  11:45-1:15
Early Dismissal Days:  11:00-12:30