Sixth Grade

Teacher, Mr. Pearson

Religion Grade 6

Students study the Old Testament. 

Social Studies/History Grades 6, 7, 8

The purpose of the middle school program is to develop a purposeful sense of the world, through the study of elements of world history and the history of the United States.  Sixth grade focuses on early Western civilization, seventh grade studies the first peoples through the end of the Civil War, and eighth grade picks up at the Reconstruction and continues into modern American times.  

They will learn study skills, time management, and writing multi paragraph answers. Students will also learn how to write a research report having a clear introduction and conclusion related to a main idea.

Science Grades 6, 7, 8

Middle school science concepts are presented in age-appropriate, engaging ways so that students can attain the necessary background to be prepared for a highly scientific and technological society.  Sixth grade covers physical science, seventh grade explores earth science, and eighth grade studies biology.

Students also will discover various tools of the science lab. They also come to understand how to write a full science lab report.  Also see Science Lab teacher's page.

By the time the middle school lessons are completed, the students will have the skills necessary to succeed in high school and beyond.  In addition, extra help, before and after school is available to all students.

I also have the honor to be the coach of the school’s championship girls’ basketball team. The team has placed many young ladies on local high school teams.