Volunteer Hours, Assessment & HSA Dues

Dear St. John Family,


Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year!  In addition to your school tuition, we ask each family to provide the following:


1. Volunteer hours 

2. Assessment

3. HSA dues ($35).



Requirement #1: Volunteer Hours


PreK Families: Volunteer 15 hours in 1 school year


Kindergarten-Grade 8 Families: Volunteer 30 hours in 1 school year


  • For a complete list of volunteer opportunities and to sign up, please click hereHours can be fulfilled by helping in the classroom, with lunch duty or recess duty, by helping in the office, or by helping with school events or one of our fundraisers.  We have 4 major fundraisers; Luxury Car Raffle, Shamrock Run/5K, SJS Auction Gala, SCRIP Gift Card Program. 
  • Hours must be logged online using Track It Forward. The Track it Forward app can downloaded to your phone for easy logging of hours on the go. See here for more information on registering for Track It Forward
  • Hours must be completed by Friday, June 3, 2022.
  • Any hours not fulfilled will be charged $15 per hour.

Requirement #2:  Assessment


PreK Families: Provide a $250 assessment


Kindergarten-Grade 8 Families: Provide a $400 assessment


  • Assessments can be paid to the school or can be fulfilled through donations and fundraising.
  • Donations to the classroom, school, or fundraisers, whether donated by you or by a company on your behalf count towards your assessment.
  • For every Luxury Raffle ticket you sell, you will receive $25 off your assessment.
  • You must submit receipt to the office with your name on it for credit towards your assessment.
  • Assessments must be met by Friday, June 3, 2022 or this will be added to your tuition statement.

Requirement #3:  HSA Dues

All families, PreK-Grade 8 are required to pay $35 in HSA dues.  Please send payment to the office marked, “HSA dues” and include your family name. 


Questions?  Email HSA Treasurer, Taryn Dawson - sjsassessment@gmail.com